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COLUMBUS - At the heart of Ohio's confusing, contentious battle over Issue 2: the claim the November ballot initiative will lower drug prices in. Ohio Issue 2, the Drug Price Standards Initiative, was on the ballot in Ohio as an .. (3) All state departments, agencies and other state entities that enter into one . Ohio doctors, nurses and pharmacists warn that Issue 2 could increase patients' prescription drug costs and reduce access to important.

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CLEVELAND – You've probably seen a barrage of TV ads for months, and soon Ohioans will vote on Issue 2. The ballot initiative limits what the. The two sides of this November's Issue 2 spent a total of more than $74 million, according to final Ohio post-election campaign finance reports. By the time the final frenzy of ads both for and against Issue 2 airs this week, Election Issue 2 sides make final push for Ohio voters . 3.

In just a couple of months, Ohio voters will decide if the state will adopt Issue 2, which would require state agencies, including the Ohio. CLEVELAND, Ohio - Pharmaceutical pricing is an incredibly complex issue. One that Ohio voters will decide on the November ballot. Issue 2 is. We have previously written about the ballot proposition that is scheduled to be on the ballot in Ohio this November as Issue #2. – An analysis by former Ohio.

11/03 OH Issue 2: Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Create the Ohio Livestock . 11/04 OH Issue 3: To Amend the Constitution to Protect Private Property. Issue 2. To require state agencies to not pay more for prescription drugs than the Pursuant to Article XVI, Section 3 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to. The Ohio Collective Bargaining Limit Repeal appeared on the November 8, general According to reports, the measure's language was decided on August 3, A yes vote was a vote to keep the law, while a no vote was a vote to.

Vote FOR Issue 2. Nov 3, PM. No one in Ohio who has had to fill a prescription will be surprised to know that Americans pay about twice as much. If you're confused and unsure how to vote on state Issue 2, don't worry. on Tuesday's ballot would stop price-gouging by drug companies and save Ohio taxpayers millions. Posted Nov 3, at AM Updated Nov 3, at 6: 18 AM. 3. Standards in draft form and currently open to public comment include: Standards Tags: Farm animal welfare, Livestock Care Standards Board, ohio issue 2. The ACLU of Ohio supports redistricting reform (Issue 1) and the legalization of marijuana (Issue 3), but opposes the Ohio Initiated Monopolies. Maps and results in the Ohio ballot issue about prescription drug costs. Ashtabula County - Issue 2 - Ashtabula County School Financing District - Ashtabula County - Issue 3 - Dorset Township - Roads and Bridges - 1 mills. Some doctor groups opposed the measure in California, but in Ohio they are “ Issue 2 won't reduce your drug costs,” she concludes in the ad. Issue 2 would require the state and state agencies, including the Ohio 3. • The Buckeye Institute. • Ohio State Grange. • Toledo Area Small Business. Ohio Taxpayers for Lower Drug Prices claims its ballot initiative could Vote yes on Issue 2, the Drug Price Relief Act. Do EpiPens really cost. Here are the Nov. 7 election results for Ohio Issue 1 (Marsy's Law) and Ohio Issue 2 (Drug Price Relief Act). Showing 3 of 3 races. No races containing were.