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Babies regularly have their feet, legs and hips checked by their doctor in hospital, or at maternal and child-health nurse visits. As children grow, parents are often concerned about their feet pointing inwards when they walk (also called in-toe or pigeon-toed walking) or outwards. Antonyms for pigeon-toed at itsadam.me with free online thesaurus, synonyms, What are some opposite words for pigeon-toed?. What do you call someone who is the opposite of pigeon-toed (i.e. when they walk their feet point outwards)? a. duck-footed (%) b. slue-footed (%).

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Here's an opposite word from our thesaurus that you can use as an antonym for pigeon-toed. Yes, I agree with Tom Handler - duck footed. One small piece of additional gossip : I once read a small book about tracking animals (and. Pigeon toed is when you walk or stand and your feet go like this: /\ But what is it called when your feet go like this: \ /?.

I see a lot more people with snowshoe gait (feet pointed out) than pigeon-toed ( feet pointed in). There MUST be a name for this -- but I can't. My feet stick a bit outward when I stand and walk. What is this called?. The opposite of pigeon toed, or in-toeing, is called out-toeing. Both in-toeing and out-toeing occur in infants and children and is usually a normal variant.

Pigeon-toed antonyms. Top antonyms for pigeon-toed (opposite of pigeon-toed) are straight, normal and shapely. When feet turn inward — a tendency referred to as walking pigeon-toed Almost all healthy kids who toe-in or -out as toddlers learn to run, jump, and play . What do you call someone who is the opposite of pigeon-toed (i.e. when they walk their feet point outwards)? a. duck-footed (%) b. slue-footed (%). As children . Someone please enlighten me on my native language!!!:rolleyes: I cannot for the life of me remember what the term is for the opposite of. «Pigeon-Toed» Pigeon toe is a condition which causes the toes to point inward Meaning of pigeon-toed in the English dictionary . opposite of pigeon toed. One of my students has observed that she is the opposite of pigeon-toed and is wondering what to call it. I said she was. SPOILER: splay-footed. Pigeon toe is a condition in which the feet appear to point inwards. This condition is common in young children, and some types often resolve. I have a splay footed/duck footed problem (the opposite of pigeon toed). What can I do to fix it? kb12boy Jul 30, My feet point outwards severely (duck. English[edit]. Alternative forms[edit]. duckfooted. Adjective[edit]. duck-footed ( comparative more duck-footed, superlative most duck-footed). Having splayfoot. When you walk make sure your feet track from the heel to the toe instead of from the outside of the heel to the inside of the foot. You can work at.