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Apr 15, DIY Kids Optimus Prime costume. Make a Transformers' Soundwave Costume from Cardboard Transformer Costume, Transformer Birthday. Transformable Optimus Prime wearable costume for kids (DIY blueprints) Optimus Prime Transforming Transformer Costume - YouTube More Easy Diy. You want me to make you an Optimus Prime costume for Halloween? It was like I was removed from my body, watching the words come out of my mouth.

how to make cardboard transformer optimus prime

Optimus Prime Costume: When first beginning my search for the most Like most of this project it will be a series of trial and error to make. Time to transform and roll out the duct tape and cardboard boxes! Here's how you can make your very own Optimus Prime costume using a. How to Make an Optimus Prime Costume. Making a transforming Optimus Prime costume will make your child the winner at any Halloween costume contest.

These Optimus Prime costumes are more than meets than eye. In order to make the most impressive costume this Halloween, go for the coolest, transforming. Check out our optimus prime costume selection for the very best in unique or custom, plain blueprints to make your own transformable Optimus Prime costume. Sorry for not posting sooner but i wanted to make this a big surprise. This Print is based off a Toy. The first Few Pictures are of the Toy so i coul.

More on Transformers Boys Optimus Prime Costume: Robots in disguise! Transform your little one into the leader of the Autobots in a Transformers Optimus. My son Mason who is 3 years old (almost 4), wanted to be Optimus Prime for Halloween. He has been watching Transformers Rescue Bots for. Your child can be his favorite Transformer with this Optimus Prime costume. Jumpsuit with muscle torso Care instructions: Do not dry clean. Hand wash cold. Just follow these instructions from a resourceful Transformers fan and make an Optimus Prime suit out of cereal boxes and cardboard instead. Optimus Prime Costume - Large: Toys & Games. Costume is an officially licensed Transformers Costume (TM). Care Instructions: Do not wash. As reality sets and you realize your over-ambitious Tron costume complete with Lightcycle is This super low-tech Optimus Prime concept should do the trick. This is a guide about making and Optimus Prime costume (The Transformers). Every young boy in the 80's loved Optimus Prime and the. In order to create your Optimus Prime, you will need to find a box to fit over your child's head for the body of the costume. The sizing of the box is. Not just a single page telling you how to build your own Optimus Prime costume but a whole blog! DIY Optimus Prime Costume - Link. Thanks. Make your child look like the most famous transformer by choosing this Disguise Boys Transformers Optimus Prime Classic Muscle Costume.