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Change the default browser or email client on your Mac. Learn how to choose which app opens when you click a website link or an email. You can easily change the default browser to one of those. soon be the best option all round for Mac users who want to surf the net securely. Updated: 7/01/ Ever wondered how to change the default web browser app on your Mac? Maybe you prefer Chrome to Safari, or maybe.

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How to Change the Default Web Browser on a Mac. This wikiHow teaches you how to make a web browser other than Safari your default web. Use this step-by-step tutorial to change the default web browser in is a well- known favorite among Mac users, macOS's default browser is far. How to change default web browser application on Mac computers? The Safari application is the default web browser on all Apple products including Mac.

Safari is a popular browser choice for those who live in the Apple ecosystem. All your tabs sync across all devices, you can pick up where you. If you've recently switched your browser, changing your Mac's default browser will be useful. Here's how to change it in two ways. In this article I will show a few of the methods of changing your default browser in Mac OS X. You need to update these browsers to have a.

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We have covered in this article the detail process of how to change a default browser in Mac OS X. So, keep reading to know the process. Instead of opening links in the default browser, Choosy sends them to the right Choosy can prompt you to select from the browsers on your Mac, or just the. If you make Chrome your default browser, any links you click will open automatically in Chrome. Computer Set Chrome as your default web browser. If you use a lot of different browsers, you'll know that they all want to be your default browser. You'll also know that, for some weird reason, Apple has. Safari is the default browser in macOS. So how to change the default browser on the Mac? Come and read the guide below to change the. Rick explains two ways to change the default web browser on a Mac. Even if you made Opera your default browser in Opera's settings, your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer may use another installed browser to open web links or. This article shows you how to make Firefox your default browser. In the Set Default Programs window, select Firefox from the list of programs on the left and. The default browser is the web browser that is automatically used when opening a web page or clicking on a web link. This document explains. Learn the best ways of how to change default browser or email client on Mac, as well as switch PDF readers and other built-in apps.