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What a fun way to celebrate the end of school! Bakerella has an excellent tutorial for these chocolate graduation caps. Can you guess what the. Here is another graduation idea, for a graduation party. It's easy and should be a sweet hit at the party. These would work from preschool to college. Put them out. I made these cute treats for my daughter's graduation. They really Graduation Caps Recipe photo by Taste of Home. Next Recipe Using frosting, make a loop for each cap's tassel. Place an M&M Could not find the mint candy anywhere.

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Easy candy graduation cap pops are perfect for your next graduation celebration! With only a few supplies they will be an edible decoration at your party. Peanut Butter candy cups, small chocolate covered grahams and piped tassels make a great mini mortarboard. graduation candy caps. Print. Candy Cup Caps. Stuff. Can you guess what I'm going to make with all this stuff? Candy Cup Caps. Little bitty candy cup graduation caps.

Consider putting together these ADORABLE graduation cap treats! There are different options for candy, so feel free to switch up ingredients. Candy graduation caps make a delicious graduation party treat that you can easily make yourself!. Make and adorable and tasty Graduation Cap Candy Pop Boquet for you favorite grad! Perfect for a centerpiece on the dessert table or as.

Let's Make It. 1 Use fruit rolls to make tassels for caps. For a black-and-white graduation, spread half the graham squares with .. The chocolate frosting and brown colored candy coordinate nicely with the chocolate graham cracker!. Cute little graduation caps are made with peanut butter cup hats, graham cracker cookie mortarboards, and candy licorice tassels. They are easy to assemble. Buy OULII 24Pcs Graduation Cap Shaped Gift Box Candy Sugar Chocolate Box for Graduation These exquisite candy boxes will make your party memorable.

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These little chocolatey graduation hats are really easy to make. a dollop of decorative icing on the top and then add the chocolate candy. Say congratulations to the class of with these adorable candy graduation caps. Dreamt up by the queen of cake pops, Bakerella, these. May and June are two of the most popular months for graduation celebrations! These easy DIY Chocolate Candy Graduation Cap Treats will be. At My Own Labels, we love making things that add a little something extra to our The candy caps can be served on a platter or scattered around on a party. To make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Graduation Caps you'll also need some dark chocolate. I used pure, melted and tempered, dark. Do you have a graduate in your house? I do and I just can't believe it! These Candy Graduation Cap Cupcake Toppers will send you to the top. These graduation cap favors are the perfect party decor for any graduation! To make the ball at the top, I just used a few Rolo candy wrappers rolled tightly. You can make graduation cap treats for your graduate with some cookies and candies. You can have the candy colours match the school's colours. This was for . Then topped with a chocolate bar and candy. Yum! Candy Now go make some Graduation Cap Cupcakes for your favorite graduate! PIN IT. I just received this graduation cap as a gradation present and it was one of the most unique and Thank You again See's Candy!, you make gift giving easy.