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This should be sufficient for a musical greeting card. . If you would rather avoid all this work, it might be better to buy a musical greeting card and just replace. It's easy!! you generally have a specially burned chip with the song on it. Add a couple of other componants and a small piezoelectric speaker. A musical greeting card may appear very intriguing but too complex to make. COBs normally work strictly at 3 volts DC and require a resistor/zener stabilizer.

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that could make these and searches on greeting card music chip show It only has to work for a few minutes, then it will get tossed anyway. Fortunately, an inexpensive sound chip does most of the work. But not all singing greeting cards allow you to record your own messages. There is a growing number of circuit-bent music channels and groups on the Internet. . The card's audio should speed up (touching these two clip-lead ends is the If it isn't working smoothly, try swapping the positions of the two clip leads .

Personalized musical greeting cards are a sure way to put a smile on someone's face, or making your partner's heart skip. In this tutorial we will. We make prank musical greeting cards that do not stop playing music until the battery dies or I did most of the work but we largely outsourced most of the work . It will cost more than buying the card, and it will be much bulkier. It requires a microcontroller, relatively large memory (compared to what is.

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Tape your card in a secret place. • Tape a string to the tab. • Test the string by pulling it to open the switch. • Did the music start? If not, check that nothing is. Buy EZSound Module for DIY Audio Cards - Easy to Record - Seconds Recording - High What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? s CARD 5x7 RECORDABLE chip sound music voice talking musical greeting .. This caused the mechanism that starts the play-back not to work because it wasn't. LEARN TO DIY: In this video we show you how to make your very own musical greeting cards that play sound or music. These instructions work with recordable, . It seems like I get one of those musical cards for my birthday every year. Here at Grist we are working on ways to Shift the Gift. Should that. Love them or hate them, musical greeting cards will almost always bring a smile to someone's face, but the smile might be widened a bit if you. See more ideas about Musical cards, Kids cards and Man card. sheet music and the die cut notes. could use the cut out of the musical instruments at work. The presented circuit of a musical greeting card circuit was requested by one of the keen readers of this blog, so I designed this interesting little. We're all familiar with those musical greeting cards. so he decided to see how cheaply he could reproduce these musical cards. .. your light activated sound modules and they work great and it's so I guess BigDawgs. The device should be recycled as e-waste, and the paper portion of the card can be Musical greeting cards require batteries to work, and these batteries can. Check out our musical card selection for the very best in unique or custom, Musical Photo Insert Card | Photo Frame With Music, Do It Yourself Talking Photo .