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Double Tap Military Surplus will buy your old military & tactical gear. are looking to sell or trade, Double Tap Military Surplus may be interested in your gear! Clothing: Uniform Tops, Uniform Bottoms, Combat Shirts, Cold Weather Clothing. I have a bunch of old DCUs (Desert combat uniforms) that I collected over my years in the Air Force, but I'm getting out soon and have no need. Sell military army kit. Sell army equipment. Sell army kit. Sell army surplus. Sell military equipment. Sell military kit. We buy army surplus.

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Military uniforms – find out how much it's worth. Buy, sell or pawn one at pawn shops near you with PawnGuru. After a couple of years, the services' uniform colors and designs had evolved enough that I resurrected my old horse-blanket overcoat, put plain. I need some extra cash so I'm selling some of my Marine uniforms. Anyone know a good site or place (Montgomery, AL) I can sell them for.

You might cherish your old military uniforms given all the memories they hold. Or maybe you — or your spouse — are tired of them taking up. Bradley's Military Surplus buys used and new military gear. Keep aside any of your old military stuff that you're not willing to let go of. that deal in the sale and purchase of military uniforms and gear.

Selling your kit? Looking for someone to buy your old uniforms? Yes, we are an army surplus buyer. We buy used military uniforms. Especially looking for RAF. Looking to sell your uniforms in OKC? Don't struggle to take photos, pay eBay fees, mail packages while you try to work or meet strangers on Craigslist. Shop huge inventory of Vintage Military Uniform, US Military Uniform, Military Dress Uniform and more in Collectible Military Uniforms on My eBayExpand My eBay VINTAGE herringbone MILITARY USMC COMBAT JACKET shirt uniform U.S. Marines Fifty year old uniform still in fairly good shape. Halloween Sale.

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While members can buy and sell certain items in this category – military-related clothing and tools, for example – others, like weapons and ammunition are. Always good to have raggidy old uniforms that we don't mind ripping / cutting . You could try and sell them at a military surplus store, but you. I'm cleaning out my closet and I don't want to just throw my woodlands away. I looked on eBay and they sell for a little bit and I could use the. If you want to sell your uniforms for about $5 a set go ahead. My friend works at a surplus store when I asked him he said the owner usually in awe seeing his old uniforms and the stories he told about his days in the Army. My Profile Forums Sign Out Politicians fret over military gear resold on eBay, Craigslist of any U.S. military-issued item that's, say, less than 50 years old. Nor is it illegal to sell military uniforms, which soldiers buy from. The selling of your old uniform is not specifically illegal or precluded from Some military items and information (such as body armor, firearm. Check out our old military uniforms selection for the very best in unique or custom , Sale military surplus quilted pant s New Russian Military Soviet Winter. It's not necessarily illegal to sell military items on eBay, depending what uniforms and Kevlar helmets, can be purchased at military surplus. Selling current issue military uniforms overseas while American You mean I'm going to have to cancel my order for that Stinger AA missile?. My husband has several boxes of his old Marine uniforms. Well, if you choose to discard them, remove all military insignia first. Go here: http://www. itsadam.me If you want to sell I have been a member there long.