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hi, i had an idea last night, to get some mouse bungee without buying one - show your mouse bungee/cable holder. personally, i used my desk. (and I have the G, known for the worst mouse cord haha)just need the I just make a loop and tape it to the desk. is a mouse bungee. just taped my cord up against a wall today been crying about some weird input lag for a few weeks now and turns out it was just the mouse cord dragging.

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The Mouse Bungee And I thought that's neat, but WTF 10 bucks?? So I decided to make my own bungee. [image loading]. (Yeah, I realize my. If your mouse did come with a less flexible braided cable, a mouse bungee is . shares with us their take on redefining the mouse bungee and making it better. Improve gaming precision with the Razer Mouse Bungee. Designed to eliminate cable tangling and provide accurate mousework with full freedom of movement.

Buy Razer Mouse Bungee - Drag-Free & Space-Saving Mouse Cord Management System What other items do customers buy after viewing this item ? Razer. Buy ENHANCE Pro Gaming Mouse Bungee Cable Holder with 4 Port USB Hub when making extreme mouse movements || All ENHANCE Gaming Products. The official Astralis bungee is a gamechanger! No more agitation with homemade bungee solutions, and products that simply don't do the job. A mouse bungee.

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A mouse bungee keeps the mouse cord from getting caught up on your The company used to make scanners back in the day but has since. A Mouse Bungee Is More Important Than You Think For Your Gaming to your gaming setup can make a decent impact on your gameplay. COUGAR Bunker is one of the best investments a serious gamer can make. . with the suction pad facing downwards, and press the mouse bungee's base. I usually tie the cable to the keyboard tray bracket, but not everyone can do that. This is where a mouse cable bungee comes into play. The Glorious Mouse Bungee is the ultimate cable management solution for your gaming mouse that helps eliminate cable drag, making your. The Das Keyboard Gaming Mouse Bungee features a sleek design, stability while gaming, and cord isolation all which make the gaming experience more. Two recipes for a cheap mouse bungee. Facebook: yetanothertechchannel/ Instagram. A mouse bungee is a device that secures the wire of a computer mouse, preventing the cable length is manually set so that the entire mouse pad can be easily reached with the mouse, but does not create unnecessary loops in the cable. Vzer Flexible Mouse Bungee Mouse Cord Management Fixer Holder .. have my mouse cable flying around my mouse pad when I do a flick shot on CS:P Pros. What's a mouse bungee and how do I know if I should buy one or could I just build one myself? We will teach you every aspect of these helpful small friends.